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The Texas Country Music Association's mission is to be the premier organization dedicated to the promotion and support of the Texas Country Music industry.

The TCMA's goal is to aid in the success of not only artists and musicians, but also professionals, venues, media, businesses and individuals who work diligently behind the scenes to make it all happen.  By building relationships we can accomplish much.  The TCMA's vision is to be the most effective resource to protect and enable the Texas Country Music industry, our music and artists who are from and entertain in Texas.  Historically our state has produced a unique genre which transcends from shore to shore and around the world.

Partnership That Matters

The Texas Country Music Association’s members, directors and advisory council members work together to consistently assist, promote and support the industry and its artists.  By partnering together, we are developing effective resources such as the Texas Country Music Awards, Texas Country Music Magazine the Texas Country Music Festival, Artist and Songwriter Contests and Showcases, Compilation CD’s and much more.

Additionally the TCMA raises funds to provide music scholarships to graduating seniors, support for our US Military and Law Enforcement families, provide medical assistance, and other charitable projects through Texas Country Cares.  The TCMA is a 501c3 non profit organization and all contributions are tax deductible.  All proceeds are dedicated to support, enable, promote, encourage and further the Texas Country Music industry and its artists in and from Texas.

Advantages of
    TCMA Membership...

There are many advantages to becoming a TCMA Member, such as additional voting points for the Texas Country Music Awards; complete access to the TCMA Website, including a listing and an editable page for yourself, your band, organization or business; authorization to use the TCMA Member Logo on your website, in print or social media pages; access to the TCMA Member Directory; discounts on products and services provided by other members, access to the TCMA Recording Studio under development, advance notice and preferred seating at TCMA sponsored events, and more………but the best reason of all is knowing that by being a member you are actively involved in advancing Texas Country Music Industry, Artists and businesses while increasing exposure for our indstry as a whole…specifically those from and performing in the Lone Star State.  Your donations and memberships are also able to provide music and music production scholarships, as well as help those in need of assistance through Texas Country Cares

Upcoming Projects...

  • TCMA Recording Studio - DONATE HERE
  • New Artist Compilation CD
  • New Artist Showcases
  • Songwriter Showcases
  • Texas Country Music Awards
  • Texas Country Music Festival

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Featured Texas Country Music Association

Featured Texas Country Music Association Member

Featured Texas Country Music Association Member

Featured Texas Country Music Association

Featured Texas Country Music Association Member

 NOTE:  The Texas Country Music Association, Inc.., also known as Texas CMA, the Country Music Association of Texas, and CMA of Texas, is a 501c3 non-profit organization incorporated with the Texas Secretary of State and approved by the IRS for charitable purposes.  TCMA's headquarters are in Carthage, TX, and is not affiliated with any other organization of similar or like name.

Although we are not legally affiliated with the Texas Country Music Hall of Fame, we're located in the same town and we support each others' endeavors.  Please visit them at

How can you help, you ask?  Most importantly, by JOINING or DONATING, but also by LIKING and SHARING our website and social media pages, referring others to us and sending us your ideas and input! CONTACT US!

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